About Snow Valley Cold  Chain
About Snow Valley Cold  Chain Jammu

About Snow Valley Cold Chain

Snow Valley Cold Chain is one of the best business integrated temperature controlled logistics service provider in Jammu. It was established in 2017 by Mr. Ajay Kapoor in Jammu to keep up the temperature integrity of the clients' products from the purpose of origin to the utilization point, which is basic for product quality. Apart from the cold chain business, Mr. Ajay Kapoor also has an experience of 17 years in Hospitality and Industrial Contract.

Our warehouses are temperature controlled having an enormous potential for sourcing and utilization of products that are sensitive to high temperatures. Snow Valley Cold Chain is known for its innovative solutions and its ability to attract the best supply chain talent.

We have a team of experts who takes care of your products in our warehouse from temperature to its quality and is always focused on delivering the best services to the clients.

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Cold storage first time in Jammu. | Insulation with puf panel | Adjoining brick walls

" Sister concern of Hotel Meridian Palace "